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  • £27.00£68.00

    Turbot Whole Fish


    Turbot flesh is a creamy white, with a firm dense texture and a superb sweet flavour.


    Priced per fish from £27.00

  • £4.95£23.80



    Fresh Cornish Octopus has a delicious, creamy coloured flesh much enjoyed by gourmets. Its a good source of low fat protein and rich in vitamin B12. Delicious cooked very quickly seared on the barbecue or a hot griddle and great for slow cooked dishes such as Mediterranean fish stew. Unlike Squid which can be cooked very quickly from fresh, Octopus needs tenderising first before cooking quickly, the best way is to simmer in a pan of water for at least an hour until tender.


    Price per 500g of whole Octopus (unprepared) £4.95

    We can prepare your Octopus for you, in which case you’ll receive approximately 60% of the original weight.

    (there is a small charge for preparation)


  • Seabass FilletSeabass Whole Fish

    Wild Bass – Whole


    Baked, grilled or pan-fried, make wild Bass the perfect dinner party dish, or perfect for the BBQ, get the skin nice & crispy, heavenly.


    £16.60 per fish

    Approximate weight before preparation 800g, the perfect size for two


    Fish weight approx 800g before preparation



  • Seabass Whole FishSeabass Fillet

    Wild Bass Fillet


    These are locally caught wild Bass, simply delicious. Baked, grilled or pan-fried, make wild Bass the perfect dinner party dish, or perfect for the BBQ, get the skin nice & crispy, heavenly.


    £20.90 per 500g = 2 generous portions

  • £55.95

    ‘Fish For A Month’


    A wonderful selection of prime fish fillets, carefully chosen by us to give a mix of tastes, which will enable two people to eat the recommended two portions of fish per week for four weeks. Your parcel will contain enough fish for: –


    Four portions (two varieties) of luxury fish

    (such as Brill, Turbot, Lemon Sole, Red Mullet, John Dory, Wild Bass, Monkfish)

    Four portions (two varieties) of white/chunky fish

    (such as Haddock, Hake, Salmon, Cod, Pollack, Ling)

    Four portions (two varieties) of other fish

    (such as Plaice, Megrim, Gurnard, Mackerel, Smoked Haddock)

    Two x 400g packs of pie mix (ideal for fish pie, stew or curry)


    On offer at £55.95 – this selection would normally retail for £67.95

    (Portion size approximately 180 – 200g- portions will be packed in pairs, or for fish such as flat fish where we may not be able to get fillets of 180 – 200g, each pack will contain at least 360g of the fish, picture for illustration purposes only)
  • £8.25£33.00

    Smoked Prawns


    Oak Smoked Prawns ready to eat, deliciously sweet!!

    £8.25 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • £12.00£18.00

    Fantastic Frozen Ray Wings Parcel


    A fabulous parcel for lovers of Ray wings, containing wings of nice portion sizes.


    Parcels: –

    A = £20 worth of fish for £12.00

    B = £30 worth of fish for £18.00


    Should you want to add any of our fresh fish to your order there will not be any extra delivery charge.

  • £59.90£79.90

    Fresh Fish Selection Boxes


    Today’s Catch = £59.90
    An introduction to the delights from Quayside Fish, A great selection box to try out the wonders of Cornish Fish, your box will include the fillets of: Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Monkfish, Plaice, Brill or Lemon Sole.


    Harvest of the Sea = £79.90
    Quayside’s ultimate choice selection of prime Cornish Fish. A selection of at least five top class species such as: Turbot, Brill, Lemon Sole, Sea Bass, John Dory, Red Mullet, Monkfish, Dover Sole, award winning ‘Quayside Roast’ hot smoked Salmon.

  • £3.50

    Cold Smoked Mackerel


    This delicacy is smoked in our own smoker using pure Oak, delicious served simply with some salad and lovely fresh bread, or a wonderful breakfast or light lunch dish served on toast. Easy to cook, just 50 seconds in the microwave per butterflied fillet.

    £3.50 each

    Approx weight 130g (1 portion)

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