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  • £3.65

    Roddas Clotted Cream Fudge


    Roddas clotted cream fudge in a miniature milk churn. The perfect taste of Cornwall encapsulated in a little tin to take home!



  • £1.95

    Cornish Gingerbread 200g


    Furniss gingerbread is made to an original recipe from their founder, John Cooper Furniss, dating back to 1886. This authentic Cornish Gingerbread combines real orange and lemon peel with fragrant ginger. Crunchy, spicy and very, very tasty, it’s a gingerholic’s dream.

  • £1.95

    Stem Ginger & Honey Fairings 200g


    Originally, Fairings were presents bought at the Cornish Whitsuntide and Corpus Christi fairs. They could be little gifts for a sweetheart, like almonds, cinnamon sticks and macaroons. These fragrant, sweetly spiced fairings capture the spirit of old Cornish festivals – and with chewy stem ginger and aromatic honey, they taste pretty good too.

  • £1.95

    Original Cornish Fairings


    A favourite for over 100 years, Furniss is the only company to hold the trademark for The Original Cornish FairingTM. These uniquely spiced biscuits have a taste that is right out of Cornwall; making you feel like you are actually there with every bite.

  • £1.95

    Pilchard Works Cornish Pilchard fillets in Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100g


    Caught off the shores of Cornwall by small boats fishing for a few hours at a time, the fish are landed while as fresh as possible. The fish are only taken from the boats when in their best condition – a question of oil content in relation to the body weight of the fish.

    At the cannery in Brittany the fish are hand sorted before the canning process begins. The fish are filleted and then flash-fried according to a process that has been developed and used since 1853 when their canners, the oldest sardine cannery in the world came into being. The tins are individually filled by hand before the sauce or marinade is added. The canning process uses a combination of the latest in processing equipment with the most traditional of methods to capture the best flavours. Finally, the tins are checked for content and quality by hand before being sealed.

    The recipes used in their tinned fish products have been created exclusively for The Pilchard Works.  Whether preserved in extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil or in rich tomato sauce, the flavour of the fish bursts through.

  • £4.00

    Organic Sea Greens 15g pack


    Sea greens are the base for the famous crispy fried seaweed. However, its uses are much more varied.
    Eat raw in salads, lightly boil or steam for use as a vegetable, add to stir-fries or blend into smoothies and super juices.


    Sea Greens taste fresh and sorrel-like

  • £4.50

    Organic Sea Salad 30g pack


    A mix of Dulse, Sea Greens and Nori.
    The perfect introduction to seaweeds. In flaked form, so very easy to use. Simply sprinkle on, or in, any dish. From fish and shellfish to mashed potato, omelets, soups, sauces, meat, sandwiches, salads and as part of your bread or pancake dough. Works great in your breakfast porridge as well!

  • £3.85

    Cornish Sea Salt Original – 225g Tub


    Cornish Sea Salt Original adds real flavour intensity with pure and natural sea salt flakes that crumble easily between the fingers, delivering a gentle crunch on the bite that melts away on the tongue. With a much softer but more intense flavour than processed table salt, you’ll never look back!

    Cornish Sea Salt naturally retains over 60 trace elements, inlcluding magnesium, potassium, and iodine among others.

  • £2.75

    Garlic Sea Salt – 55g


    Give your cooking a rich pinch of garlicky flavour. Pure and natural Cornish Sea Salt flakes infused with garlic that has been slow roasted to a mellow intensity, creating sweet, caramelised characteristics.

    This is a great Pinch Salt for cooking with – it works particularly well with roasted vegetables and any sort of potato.

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