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  • £1.95

    Cornish Tea – Smuglers Brew


    Smugglers Brew is a unique blend which will delight your palate and stir your senses. Designed to be ‘an all-day and everyday’ Tea, Smugglers Brew provides a good honest cup’s that you will love.


    40 tea bags

  • £2.75

    Chilli Sea Salt – 50g


    Add a satisfying heat and rich intensity to the food you love with a blend of pure and natural Cornish Sea Salt flakes and luxury chillies, each cultivated for their unique heat and flavour, infused with slow-roasted garlic and onion. It is medium heat – not too mild, and not too intense!

    This Pinch Salt is really versatile – use it in cooking or sprinkled over your meal for a little extra heat. Contains gluten.

  • £1.95

    Original Cornish Fairings


    A favourite for over 100 years, Furniss is the only company to hold the trademark for The Original Cornish FairingTM. These uniquely spiced biscuits have a taste that is right out of Cornwall; making you feel like you are actually there with every bite.

  • £2.75

    Garlic Sea Salt – 55g


    Give your cooking a rich pinch of garlicky flavour. Pure and natural Cornish Sea Salt flakes infused with garlic that has been slow roasted to a mellow intensity, creating sweet, caramelised characteristics.

    This is a great Pinch Salt for cooking with – it works particularly well with roasted vegetables and any sort of potato.

  • £1.95

    Stem Ginger & Honey Fairings 200g


    Originally, Fairings were presents bought at the Cornish Whitsuntide and Corpus Christi fairs. They could be little gifts for a sweetheart, like almonds, cinnamon sticks and macaroons. These fragrant, sweetly spiced fairings capture the spirit of old Cornish festivals – and with chewy stem ginger and aromatic honey, they taste pretty good too.

  • £3.65

    Roddas Clotted Cream Shortbread


    Roddas clotted cream shortbread in a miniature milk churn. The perfect taste of Cornwall encapsulated in a little tin, these make the perfect gift!



  • £2.75

    Smoked Sea Salt – 75g


    Enhance your favourite dishes with an aromatic, naturally sweet and smoked flavour that we have created by smoking pure and natural Cornish Sea Salt flakes slowly over apple and cherry wood chips.

    This is great for rubbing over meat or fish before BBQing, or add to stews and sauces.

  • £5.45

    Furniss Favourites 600g


    Furniss’ three most famous biscuits: warmly spiced Original Cornish Fairings that only Furniss are licenced to bake; Shortbread made with rich Clotted Cream; and Cornish Gingerbread made to a traditional recipe perfected by their founder, John Cooper Furniss, in 1886.

  • £5.95

    Goats Cheese, Tomato & Basil Pate


    Our Goats Cheese, Tomato and Basil Pâté is a perfect blend of flavours with a smooth texture. This delightful pâté is delicious with crusty bread, or use to create savoury tartlets. Created by an artisan family company in the Aveyron region of France.


    180g jar


    Store in a cool dry place away from sunlight. Refrigerate after opening and consume within three days.
    (Produced in France)

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