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  • £2.25

    Cornish Tea – Smuglers Brew


    Smugglers Brew is a unique blend which will delight your palate and stir your senses. Designed to be ‘an all-day and everyday’ Tea, Smugglers Brew provides a good honest cup’s that you will love.


    40 tea bags

  • £3.50

    Cold Smoked Mackerel


    This delicacy is smoked in our own smoker using pure Oak, delicious served simply with some salad and lovely fresh bread, or a wonderful breakfast or light lunch dish served on toast. Easy to cook, just 50 seconds in the microwave per butterflied fillet.

    £3.50 each

    Approx weight 130g (1 portion)

  • £16.95

    Oysters (1 Dozen Pacific)


    Pacific Oysters, commonly called Rock Oysters (Crassostrea gigas), are the species most commonly farmed in the UK. They are well adapted to UK conditions and grow more rapidly than Native Oysters, and most importantly, are not prone to any of the common indigenous Oyster diseases.

    Our Oysters are sourced from farms in Cornwall producing a robust and meaty Oyster.

    Priced per dozen



  • £7.50

    Mussels (wild)


    Locally sourced fresh wild Cornish mussels, sweet succulent shellfish.
    Cook as Moules Marinieres, quick, easy, filling and delicious.


    Priced per kg

  • £15.00£30.00



    Cornish lobster is recognised as some of the finest flavoured lobster in the world. Caught by traditional methods off the local coast, they are worthy of centre-stage at your next dinner or lunch party.


  • £4.55

    Chicken Breast Fillets Pack of 2 x 230g


    Our Chicken fillets are from the finest fresh Cornish chickens. Because of their versatility, chicken fillets are always nice to have in your fridge or freezer.

    Pack of 2 – approximate total weight 460g

  • £3.28£19.68

    Minced Pork


    Minced Pork is very lean and therefore a healthy option. It can be substituted for beef in many recipies and can also be used to make your own pork and apple burgers.

    Priced per 500g

  • £3.44£20.64

    Diced Pork


    Diced Pork is produced from lean cuts and is ideal for Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, and perfect for stews and casseroles cooked slowly so that the meat renders its full flavour into the dish.

    Priced per 500g

  • £6.10£36.60

    Pork Tenderloin


    Pork Tenderloin is the pork version of fillet steak. It is very tender as the name would suggest, and can be cooked in one piece or sliced into medallions.
    As with fillet steak care needs to be taken not to overcook.

    Priced per 500g

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