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    An essential part of a good old full English breakfast, or use smokey back to wrap around Monkfish with some garlic cloves and rosemary and bake in the oven, delicious.

    Available in packs as follows: –


    Dry cure green back £4.20 (6 rashers approx 300g)

    Dry Cure smoked back £4.50 (6 rashers approx 300g)

    Green streaky £3.00 (approx 200g)

    Smoked Streaky £3.20 (approx 200g)

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    Made using local Pork and natural casings, available in 6 flavours. Perfect for a weekday dinner or a traditional full English breakfast.


    Standard size sausages come in packs of six, choose from Traditional Pork, Cumberland, Lincolnshire, Pork & Apple, Pork & Leek and Pork & Red Onion.


    Chipolatas come in packs of eight £4.25/pack

    Cocktail sausages £4.00/450g pack (approx weight)

    Sausagemeat £4.00/450g stick

  • Sirloin Steak

    Steak Lovers Parcel


    A wonderful selection of four types of the highest quality locally produced steaks. Possibly the perfect present for steak loving family or friends. Your parcel will contain: –


    2 x Rump Steaks (approx. 8oz each)

    2 x Sirloin Steaks (approx. 8oz each)

    2 x Fillet Steaks (approx. 8oz each)

    2 x Rib Eye Steaks (approx. 8oz each)



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  • £1.85£22.20



    Delicious fresh local Cornish hand-cut Scallops.

    Priced per Scallop or in quantities of six*


    *average weight for 6 Scallops is 200g. As they do vary in size, if there is a significant difference in weight we will increase or decrease the number accordingly to give you at least this weight.


    Allergy advice: – MOLLUSC, may contain traces of FISH, CRUSTACEAN

  • £7.90£15.80

    Chicken Thighs


    Chicken Thighs on the bone are a really juicy chicken portion, they are great marinated and then served either hot or cold. Alternatively they are great option on the barbecue and they go well mixed with drumsticks!

    Priced per Kg

  • £6.90£13.80

    Chicken Drumsticks


    Chicken Drumsticks are a very popular choice, the ideal chicken portion to serve at a buffet or on a bbq. They can be marinated with different flavours and spices and served hot or cold. They also go well mixed with bone-in chicken thighs.

    Priced per Kg

  • £4.75£19.00

    Pork Spare Ribs


    These ribs are ideal for marinading in your favourite flavours and roasting, or delicious cooked on the bbq.

    Priced per 500g

  • £4.00£16.00

    Diced Pork


    Diced Pork is produced from lean cuts and is ideal for Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, and perfect for stews and casseroles cooked slowly so that the meat renders its full flavour into the dish.

    Priced per 500g

  • £5.25£21.00

    Pork Belly (Sliced)


    Sliced pork belly is well known for its sweet juicy meat. Ideal for grilling or popping on the barbecue, cooked on its own or marinated.

    Priced per 500g

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