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  • £6.10£36.60

    Pork Tenderloin


    Pork Tenderloin is the pork version of fillet steak. It is very tender as the name would suggest, and can be cooked in one piece or sliced into medallions.
    As with fillet steak care needs to be taken not to overcook.

    Priced per 500g

  • £19.96£39.92

    Rack of Lamb


    The ultimate dinner party treat! Well trimmed, these racks represent the best Cornish lamb has to offer. Sweetness, flavour and tenderness.

    Allow 3 chops per serving for adults.

  • £11.85

    Rib Eye Steak


    Rib Eye Steak is sometimes known as the butchers steak. Made up of several muscles with a seam of fat in the centre, these steaks are full of flavour and will melt in your mouth!

    Pan fry for 3 minute per side for an average steak or 5 minutes on a George Forman Grill. Also ideal for the barbecue!

    Pack of 2 approximate weight 440g

  • £8.76£26.28

    Rolled Brisket


    Rolled Brisket makes a wonderful slow cooked roast. Brush with mustard and wrap in a foil parcel with a couple of tablespoons of water to produce a joint which is delicious hot, or ideal for sandwiches sliced cold.

  • £7.95£12.38

    Rump Steak


    Don’t underestimate Rump Steak which is renowned for its individual flavour. A great steak for sandwiches and when catering for larger numbers.

    Available in either 8oz or 12oz sizes

    (approximate weights)

  • £3.88£23.28

    Shin of Beef


    Shin of Beef is a wonderful cut for stews and casseroles where the dish is cooked for extended periods. When prepared like this the meat breaks down into tender succulent pieces that are full of flavour!

    Priced per 500g

  • £12.90£25.80

    Shoulder of Lamb (Boneless)


    Boneless Lamb Shoulder is used in many recipes and represents the best lamb has to offer. Sweet, tasty and succulent this joint lends itself to being marinated before roasting or slicing and pan frying.

    Priced per Kg

  • £8.88£26.64

    Shoulder of Lamb (Whole)


    Shoulder of Lamb, although not as lean as leg, has a lovely sweet taste which keeps you going back for more. The lower price makes it ideal as a midweek roast.

    Priced per Kg

  • £9.90£29.70



    Silverside is boned out from the top along with the topside and thick flank. A slightly cheaper roasting joint than the Topside.

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