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  • £5.98£17.94

    Chicken Thighs


    Chicken Thighs on the bone are a really juicy chicken portion, they are great marinated and then served either hot or cold. Alternatively they are great option on the barbecue and they go well mixed with drumsticks!

    Priced per Kg

  • £5.89£35.34

    Diced Lamb


    Our diced lamb is lean and well trimmed. Cut from leg and shoulder meat these pieces can be used for lamb kebabs, also great for casseroles or other special dishes!

    Priced per 500g

  • £3.44£20.64

    Diced Pork


    Diced Pork is produced from lean cuts and is ideal for Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, and perfect for stews and casseroles cooked slowly so that the meat renders its full flavour into the dish.

    Priced per 500g

  • £15.18£17.58

    Fillet Steak


    Fillet Steak is the ultimate in tenderness. Enjoyed by many as a pure indulgence, these steaks are just the ticket for that special meal.

    Because of the leanness of these steaks care needs to be taken not to overcook.

    Available in either 6/7oz or 8oz sizes

    (approximate weights)

  • Lamb Chops

    Lamb Chops


    Lamb Chops are a real treat, from the sweet rib end chops through to the loin end chops complete with the undercut.
    Pan fry, grill or barbecue and enjoy the taste of Cornish Lamb.

    Priced per 500g

  • £17.98£53.94

    Lamb Steaks


    Lamb Steaks cut from legs of spring lamb provide a meal that will be popular with the whole family. These steaks take very little cooking to produce a succulent flavoursome treat!

    Priced per kg

  • £3.98£15.92

    Lambs Liver


    Always popular, Cornish lambs liver is delicious fried or grilled!

    Priced per 500g

  • £12.90£32.25

    Leg of Lamb


    Leg of lamb makes an ideal centrepiece for your family gathering. Pierce with a sharp knife and stuff the holes with garlic cloves and small rosemary sprigs, delicious.

  • £3.44£20.64

    Minced Beef


    Needs no introduction. Mince from the finest cuts of forequarter meat ensures that it will add taste to your recipes and not cook away in the pan!

    Ideal for making your own burgers. Just add a beaten egg, finely chopped onion, rosemary, sea salt and plenty of cracked black pepper to taste.

    Priced per 500g

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