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  • £6.10£36.60

    Pork Tenderloin


    Pork Tenderloin is the pork version of fillet steak. It is very tender as the name would suggest, and can be cooked in one piece or sliced into medallions.
    As with fillet steak care needs to be taken not to overcook.

    Priced per 500g

  • £5.95£35.70

    Pork Steaks


    Pork Steaks are always popular – boneless and lean, these steaks are lovely pan fried or grilled. You can also beat them out and coat in seasoned breadcrumbs, producing delicious schnitzels.

    Priced per 500g

  • £2.96£17.76

    Pork Spare Ribs


    These ribs are ideal for marinading in your favourite flavours and roasting, or delicious cooked on the bbq.

    Priced per 500g

  • £5.84

    Pork Chops


    Our sweet and succulent outdoor reared pork chops are quick and easy to prepare and cook. They can be cooked in any number of ways, such as grilled, braised or roasted to bring out their full flavour.

    Pack of 4 x 200g – approximate total weight 800g

  • £3.72£22.32

    Pork Belly Joint


    Pork Belly is well known for its sweet juicy meat and is excellent value for money. Incredibly succulent and tender, cook slowly to achieve perfection

    Priced per 500g

  • £3.94£23.64

    Pork Belly (Sliced)


    Sliced pork belly is well known for its sweet juicy meat. Ideal for grilling or popping on the barbecue, cooked on its own or marinated.

    Priced per 500g

  • £3.28£19.68

    Minced Pork


    Minced Pork is very lean and therefore a healthy option. It can be substituted for beef in many recipies and can also be used to make your own pork and apple burgers.

    Priced per 500g

  • £3.44£20.64

    Diced Pork


    Diced Pork is produced from lean cuts and is ideal for Kebabs, sweet and sour pork, and perfect for stews and casseroles cooked slowly so that the meat renders its full flavour into the dish.

    Priced per 500g

  • £6.90£13.90

    Boneless Rolled Loin of Pork


    Boneless rolled Loin Pork is our most popular pork roasting joint. It is a great piece to carve giving uniform slices which contain enough fat to keep the meat succulent and tasty. Because the pork is outdoor reared with no added water, the skin will crackle up a treat!

    Priced per Kg

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