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  • Dogfish wholeDogfish skinned



    Locally caught Dogfish (aka Rock Salmon)

    £5.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • CGSG RecommendedGurnard whole

    Gurnard Whole (approx. 750g)


    Gurnards are very distinctive bottom-living fish with large heads and eyes. The head is protected by large bony plates and strong spines. It is a very underrated fish that looks beautiful, has a firm tasty white flesh, and can be filleted or cooked whole and is great for poaching, frying and baking.

    Sold individually

    Price per whole fish weighing approx. 750g (before gutting) £7.46


  • CGSG RecommendedMackerel

    Mackerel Whole


    An excellent fish, one that everyone knows, delicious and very healthy, full of healthy Omega 3 fatty acids. Perfect grilled or cooked whole on the BBQ (weather permitting) to get the skin nice & crispy.


    Price per 1kg of whole fish (ungutted) £7.95

    Approximately 3 – 4 fish per kg, allow 1.5 – 2 fish per portion.


  • Seabass FilletSeabass Whole Fish

    Wild Sea Bass – Whole


    Baked, grilled or pan-fried, make Sea Bass the perfect dinner party dish.

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