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    ‘Fish For A Month’


    A wonderful selection of prime fish fillets, carefully chosen by us to give a mix of tastes, which will enable two people to eat the recommended two portions of fish per week for four weeks. Your parcel will contain enough fish for: –


    Four portions (two varieties) of luxury fish

    (such as Brill, Turbot, Lemon Sole, Red Mullet, John Dory, Wild Bass, Monkfish)

    Four portions (two varieties) of white/chunky fish

    (such as Haddock, Hake, Salmon, Cod, Pollack, Ling)

    Four portions (two varieties) of other fish

    (such as Plaice, Megrim, Gurnard, Mackerel, Smoked Haddock)

    Two x 400g packs of pie mix (ideal for fish pie, stew or curry)


    On offer at £55.95 – this selection would normally retail for £67.95

    (Portion size approximately 180 – 200g- portions will be packed in pairs, or for fish such as flat fish where we may not be able to get fillets of 180 – 200g, each pack will contain at least 360g of the fish, picture for illustration purposes only)
  • CGSG RecommendedBrill fillet1

    Brill Fillet


    A close relative of the Turbot, slightly less sweet with a similar firm texture and a great taste.


    £17.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • Cod wholeCod fillet

    Cod Fillet


    Needs no introduction, white, moist meat with a large flake suitable for almost any cooking method.

    £9.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • CGSG Recommendedgurnard-fillet-2

    Gurnard Fillet


    Gurnards are very distinctive bottom-living fish with large heads and eyes. The head is protected by large bony plates and strong spines. It is a very underrated fish that looks beautiful, has a firm tasty white flesh, and can be filleted or cooked whole and is great for poaching, frying and baking – one of our favourites.


    £12.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • Haddock WholeHaddock1

    Haddock Fillet


    Haddock can be cooked in a variety of ways, including baking, frying or grilling. Cheesy topped baked haddock fillets are just to die for.


    £7.98 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • Hake wholeHake fillet

    Hake Fillet


    A lovely white fish which can be found on most restaurant menus down here, perfect for pan frying, delicious grilled with a breadcrumb topping, and wonderful served with roasted Mediterranean vegetables. Our favourite when we visit our local fish & chip shop for fish & chips on the harbour head.


    £8.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • John Dory wholeJohn Dory fillet

    John Dory Fillet


    It is said of the John Dory fish aka as the St. Peters fish because of the thumb print on the side. In its mouth was a coin to pay the temple tax collectors. It is a highly prized eating fish.


    £19.95 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • Lemon sole wholeLemon Sole fillet

    Lemon Sole Fillet


    Lemon Sole is a particularly delicate species of fish, both in texture and in flavour, lightly pan fried is just a perfect and easy way to cook this delicate fish.


    £19.45 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

  • Pollack wholePollack fillet
    £7.95£31.80 £6.35£25.40

    Line Caught Pollack Fillet

    £7.95£31.80 £6.35£25.40

    Line caught by one of our local Porthleven fishermen. Pollack is a great sustainable alternative to Cod and one of our favourite white fish. A firmer texture, not so flaky, and slightly sweeter tasting. Delicious topped with cheese, smokey bacon and parsley breadcrumbs.


    SPECIAL OFFER now just £6.35 per 500g = 2 Generous Servings

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